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How to find a website admin login page online?

The admin page of any website is the page where an administrator can login and access the back-end or admin panel of a website. Some webmasters try to conceal the admin login page to prevent hackers from trying a Brute-force attack to gain access to the back-end administration page online.

I have been asked many times on Facebook, “What’s the best method for finding the admin page of a website?” There is no single “best method” but the easiest method to find the website admin login page is to simply try the default login URLs which I listed below:

There are many other common methods used to find a websites admin login page. If the method above does not work you can try a few more strategy’s you might want to try, I have listed them below:

Strategy 2: Look at the Robots file and Crawl

By default many search engines move about the entire web site and all of it’s URL’s. To prevent this many webmasters use the robots.txt file to list URL’s that the spiders should never crawl. Most of the time the site owner does not want the search engine spider to crawl the admin webpage so it will be listed in the robots.txt file. To find this file just visit this URL: (replace “site” with the website you want to use)

Strategy 3: Using one of numerous Script’s

There are a number of scripts that can help you obtain the URL of the admin page. One decent Python script you may want to try is called “various admin finder”. To use this script you will first need to install Active Perl which you can get here:

Next you need to copy the code found here: and save it as anything with the ending “.pl”. Finally, you need to run the program which will provide the login URL of the specific website your searching.

4: Crawling software application

You can use a number of crawling tools to scan the web page and get the admin sign in page. This type of crawler just lists all the URL’s which are used in the site. Once it finishes you will have to manually scan the URL’s looking for the page you want to access.

5: Using Online Admin Finder/Scanner

There are a ton of admin finder’s available online but I think the best one is Scorpion. To use this one just visit this URL:

This tool should help you find the page you are looking for.

5: Using Google Dorks

Google dorks are some times very helpful if you know to utilize them properly. Below I will list a few beneficial Google dorks which can help you find the admin login panel of the domain you want to search.

(Replace “website” with the domain you want to search)

6. Use Our Admin Page Finder Tool

Last, but not least, I have one more method you can use in your search for a websites administration login page. It’s pretty simple and straight forward, you can use an online search tool like the one we created here at TechCens. Just go to the Admin Page Finder Tool and give it a try.

I hope at this point you have found what your looking for. If you enjoyed this article please share it on social media, thanks!

How to Protect Your Site

Now if your a webmaster this article should have made you think about how easy it is to find the login page on your website. To protect yourself from a brute force attack you may want to use a plugin like WPS Hide Login. This plugin won’t actually rename files in the core or implement rewrite rules. It just intercepts access to the wp-admin and wp-login.php page and makes them inaccessible. Just make sure to bookmark or remember the url of the login page.


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